Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost a decade...

Yesterday Adam and I celebrated our NINE year "dating " anniversary. By celebrated I mean, I got breakfast in bed, and we went out to dinner. Nothing fancy:) So I thought that I would do a post based on the last nine years. I scanned all kinds of pictures ( because digitalis were a thing of the future back then) So you'll have to forgive the poor quality!!! Let me start of by saying, that we have beaten the odds. We have been together thick and thin for these past years. Not a day broken up, as was a popular thing to do in high school. Adam asked me out February 9, 2001 and we have been together EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. since. Though he was in Germany for a few months studying abroad ;) So lets get started shall we? And again, sorry for the poor quality of images!

This here is the VERY first picture ever taken of Adam and I once we were officially " going out"

Here we are at Putt Putt, sometime early. I'm not exactly sure when. But I actually developed this picture in my photo- Journalism class, so it was sometime during Junior year!:)

Homecoming 2001. Mum exchange at Liz Russel's house. Funny story ( Sorry Adam) So we were doing this " mum exchange" and Adam shows up at Liz's house late, and WITHOUT my mum. He said he didn't know that he was supposed to bring it!;) haha, so he had to run home and get it during rush hour traffic. We missed all of the group photo's because of this. Needless to stay, the next year he didn't forget it!

At dinner before the homecoming dance. Ruggeries ( or something like that) in Addison. It's no longer there!!!
Medieval Times. Senior year homecoming. This was the night that the girls took the guys out. It was a really fun time. All the boys got the little light wand things...:)
Mum exchange! He brought it this time! And it even had lights and a cow bell on it!:) It was so heavy I had to wear a rope around my neck to school so that it wouldn't pull my shirt off!
Professional picture taken at the dance. I loved my dress. It's funny looking back on it now, how I could have ever thought that I was " fat" in high school. I would KILL to look like this again!!! Maybe some day!
Prom 2003. We had just finished pictures and we were in the Escalade Limo heading to dinner! We look pretty happy to be going to PROM!!!
The first vacation that I ever went on with Adam and his family. Skiing in Colorado. Little did I know that there would be MANY more vacations with them!
Skipping ahead a few years here, because of pictures being lost... Christmas Party 2006 with Adam and I's friends from A&M!!

So I know I'm missing lots of pictures from our engagement, and our three week trip around Europe, but there are too many to put on here. Though here is one of us in Barcelona!

Skip ahead, we're Mr. and Mrs. Fenner, May 2007!!!!
This is self explanatory! I gave Adam that onesie along with a positive test as a way to tell him about, who is now, Dylan!!!

Adam graduates!!!! We move back to Texas!!!
Where we are living happily ever after !!!! ( Cheesy I know!)
So there you have it. Adam and I over 9 years. Hope I didn't bore you too much. It was fun for me to look back through all of our old pictures and remember the things we have done!!!


Court's Blog said...

OMG!!!! Great post!!! Soo many great memories. When I was looking throught the photos, the senior year homecoming mum exchange was definitely at my house which I totally forgot about. Also, loved the night at Medieval Times! Can't wait for girls night next weekend!

Brenda said...

I have so enjoyed your blog and the pictures of that darling baby. I remember your Mom showing me the Monster Mum and sorry, we had to laugh a little about it.