Friday, September 27, 2013

The Fenner FIVE

In case you missed this. We have another little one on the way!  I can hardly believe that I am already 16 weeks, and well, I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day!

The third and final Fenner babe, will hopefully grace us with his/her presence around mid March! 

We found out about this baby on July 5th!  The day after a big pool party, so I was able to get one last drinking day in!  ( makes me sound a little like an alcoholic, but oh well)  I've missed a few good opportunities since!:)

To tell Adam's parents ( who were in Australia at the time ) I made the boys some shirts, that they were really happy to wear as you can see!  Side note:  When we told them I was pregnant with Graham, they were also just returning from a trip to Australia!  Maybe they should stop going so we stop telling them they have another Grand baby on the way!  Kidding of course! ( seriously, this is the last one!:))

11 Weeks
I have lucked out again, in that I do not suffer from morning sickness.  I was tired, but honestly, with two boys, I'm kind of always tired.  I've been feeling great, and really, just feel normal.  I'm starting to feel love beloved kicked, and well my belly is growing, those are the only reasons I know for sure there is a baby in there!

Everyone asks if I want a girl.  If I'm answering honestly, I really don't know.  A boy would be so easy and familiar, but of course a girl would be nice, for a change of things, different clothes, colors, toys.  I do not have a preference honestly, and I'll be happy either way!  Though, we are running out of boy names;) 

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