Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hello Mr. Turkey

Yesterday afternoon, Dylan got to participate in his first ever school performance.  It wasn't a big one, thank goodness because he needs some work, but it was perfect for him.  He and his classmates and another class got up and sang us about 4 songs, ( only two of which he actually knew all the words too I'm pretty sure) to prepare us for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

Lucky for Dylan, his grandma and I were able to attend.  As a last minuet surprise, Daddy even took off to come all the way down and watch him.  I'm going to brag on Adam for a second.  He is such a great daddy.  Dylan had been asking for a week or so now if "daddy was coming to hear him sing"  the answer was always no.  You see, he works in Uptown, and that's just a long drive.  Yesterday morning Dylan and I had a conversation that went like this...

Me- Are you ready to sing for Grandma and me today?

Him- And Daddy too?

Me- No, Daddy can't come remember?

Him- yeah, because he has so much work?

Me- Yes and he works really far far away.

Him- Can't you go get Daddy and bring him?

After that I immediately texted Adam and asked if there was ANY WAY he could make it, and he said he wouldn't make any promises, but yes, he would be there as long as he could finish what he was doing from home.

And most were done by this point!

So he made it, with maybe thirty seconds to spare, as the kids were already loaded on the stage ready to sing when he walked into the building.  Dylan gave a great big smile when he saw him, and it really just made my day.  We've always said how family comes first for Adam as far as his work goes, and yesterday he proved that to me.  He win's Daddy of the year in my books.

Anyway, back to the songs.  Dylan was his usual silly self.  I know he knew the songs because he would sing them for me at home.  Instead of singing though, he was rubbing his belly, with his shirt up, making funny faces, and just kind of standing there.  About the third song they lost almost all of the kids and they were all getting antsy.  It was adorable, and I'm so glad that I got to see him sing.  He was so proud of himself after, as was I, because I'm slightly surprised he sang anything at all.  He is getting so big, and in less than two weeks will be a big 4 year old.  My, where does time go?

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Brenda said...

Love Love Love your blog and keeping up with your growing family!!!