Monday, December 9, 2013


This Thanksgiving turned out to be a great one.  We were not sure how it was going to go, seeing as Dylan was sick for the week before.  Luckily modern medicine made him well enough to head to San Antonio, to visit and stay with Adam's Aunt and Uncle.

I had been talking with Adam about leaving on Wednesday to start the drive, but he thought he wouldn't be able to get out of work until normal time, which would put us leaving Dallas at about 7 PM.  I wasn't about to attempt that, so fortunately he was able to leave around lunch, putting us leaving at about 1:30.  It was still a long drive, and took us longer because, well the road you have to take sucks.  Thank goodness for DVD players, because I really though at least one kid would fall asleep since it was nap time, but neither did, but both were happy watching Toy Story , twice, and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, along with some Spider man, and George.  We only made one stop to get Dylan out so he could go to the bathroom, and we got some snacks too.  We finally landed in San Antonio around 7:30 I think it was. 

We let the boys play, and eat some real dinner, then we parked them in their room.  That's right, both were in one room.  We did this once before in Connecticut September of last year, but there was a short wall between them, and Graham couldn't really talk yet, so there wasn't much of a problem. Thankfully, there wasn't a problem this time either.  They were both so tired, both laid down quickly and were out. 

Thursday morning, Graham was the first awake, and I was able to remove him from the room before Dylan woke up.  Which is probably good, because Dylan slept for another 2ish hours!:) We went down stairs, ate some light breakfast, and watched the Thanksgiving Day parade.  One nice thing about going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving is that I was only in charge of making/ bringing two things.  Pie, and Corn Casserole.  I had done the pie the night before, so I was only in charge of the casserole, which Adam did for me while I took a nap , BEFORE our turkey feast.

Adam's grandma and her husband joined us all for our meal, and had some fun times reading, and playing with the boys.  They sure are hams, and love any attention they get from anyone!  Grandma and Papa, got their fair share of cuddle time with the boys as well!

We rounded the day out, after eating of course, with naps for the boys, football for the big boys, and games for the adults after the little guys had hit the hay.  The plan for the next morning was to get up, and head to the movies for a family friendly flick.  Frozen.  It was so cute, and Dylan loved it.  Graham got antsy, but he always does toward the end of shows.  After the movie, we got some Mexican food, as we were all already a little tired of turkey.  The boys took a nap, and I did too, after we returned. 

Friday night, Adam and I were feeling the need to get out of the house a bit, and have some alone time, so after the boys went to bed, we tried to go see Hunger Games, but they of course were all sold out, since we thought about it last min.  So instead we went to the Melting Pot for dessert, then to Target to pick up a few more things for Dylan's birthday party in the park the next morning.  When we arrived home, we decorated Dylan's cake, and by we, I mean Adam.  I found the design I wanted, and he did it.  Lucky for me he is artistic!

Our plan was to leave Saturday sometime before nap time, but after Dylan's party.  I think we finally got out of San Antonio about 2ish, which was perfect.  The boys were on a little bit of a sugar high, because they ate a lot of cake, because it was yummy!  Graham took a nap on the way home, and we were able to take little random routes around the traffic that was on the freeway.  We made good time home.

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