Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Think { PINK}

Or purple or teal or yellow.  Whatever color you think of when you think GIRL.  I realized a few days ago, that I might have put it on Facebook and Instagram, that we are in fact expecting a baby girl, but didn't blog about it. 

We found out at the then end of October that it was " probably" a girl.  She wouldn't give my Dr. a good clear shot, but " lack of boy parts" led him to think that it was 80-90% a girl.  Adam was not confident and didn't let me buy anything, or tell anyone ( other than friends) because he didn't want me to have to retract, or get too excited!
23 weeks
Luckily, my doctor would do another sonogram at the next appointment in a month, which was well, about three weeks ago.  Where he confirmed that it was in fact a baby girl.  Since then, a crib has been ordered, swatches for bedding have been ordered, and the move of graham from his current room to his new room has begun.  Also, I've bought some girl clothes:)  It's fun!  I have not gone crazy, mainly because I'm having a hard time deciding what size to buy! I know, first world problems.  I make tiny kids.  Dylan was in newborn clothes for probably 3 months, Graham probably 2.  They were average size babies.  Dr. tells us that baby girl is already measuring on the smaller side at 30-40th %.  So I'm sure she will be in newborn for a while!  Again, first world problems I have here! 

We are pretty sure that we have decided on a name.  Adam is going to have to give me something else if he doesn't like what we picked ( which he says he loves, but never will confirm) I'm tired of thinking of names.  We have never been able to pick a girl name for sure, so this was, I won't say struggle because it wasn't, but it kind of makes my head hurt:) 

I have less than 100 days until this baby comes, and everyday I feel a little less prepared.  I feel like I can't keep up with what I have now.  Laundry, cleaning, entertaining the boys, getting me time, Adam time.  I feel like I'm drowning sometimes.  That combined with my laziness, I just never get what I want to done, and if I do, I'm needing to go to bed by like 7!  So here is to hoping that I can get a grip, and that it's just the holidays that are making it seem like I have more to do than I really do!:)

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