Friday, October 23, 2009

"Your going to put what in here?"

Dirty diapers, yes that's right. Picking a diaper bag was a much harder decision that I had thought that it would be. Mainly, because I didn't want one that " looked" like a diaper bag. I think I succeeded. Many of you might remember a while back when I was trying to pick one, well I did. But just this last week, I found out that another one of the brands that I LOVE was having their semi annual sale, so I set my alarm to wake up to get first dibs on the good ones! Petunia Picklebottom bags, that's right, crazy name huh? I ended up getting two. A Touring Tote, and a Cross Town clutch ( which I thought was going to be much smaller that it actually is! ) But I love them both, so they were good purchases. All three of them are very different bags. Here are some photo's of them to show you!!!

First up: The Stork Sak, which I assume is the only one that Adam will be caught dead with!:)

This is how it attaches to the stroller. Which is nice, so it doesn't take up storage space underneath! It came with a changing pad, and it has two built in thermal bottle holders, to keep them warm or cold!

Touring Tote:
This one also hooks onto the stroller, but it also has two more straps, a short strap for carrying right underneath my arm, then a longer shoulder strap, so many options. Also has insulated bottle holders. Also came with a black wipes case!:)

See, pretty, but not really Adam's style. It also matches the stroller better!

Cross Town Clutch: Mind you, when I bought this I thought it would be much smaller. Oh well, I still love it!

This is a glazed back, which means that anything that spills on it can be wiped off, just like that!

It came with a Black wipes case, as well as a built in changing pad that pulls out!

Here is the embroidered detail, for some reason it is uploading sideways, even though it isn't sideways in the picture. I'm baffled!

So there you have it. ALL 3 of my diaper bags. Although I haven't used them yet, I highly recommend any of the brands. They are all very well made, and pleasant to look at:) Stay tuned for some adorable baby clothes!


The Apiary said...

The diaper bags made me jelous. So I had to go out and find a new one. Got one at TJ Maxx Paul Frank very cute and marked down. Love the clutch

Diaperbag said...

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