Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wait What?

7 WEEKS? Where is time going. That's right, at the very most our sweet little baby boy will be here in 7 weeks! CRAZY! So a lot has gone on since I posted last. Maybe what I should do it bullets, then do small posts to explain? It might help with my rambling! So here it goes!!!

~ Seven weeks until our pending arrival!
~ We went to the Texas State Fair
~ Adam got a short term job
~ I got my ( previously mentioned) Diaper bags in the mail
~ While Adam is at work, I work hard to buy baby things that we " Need"
~ I have been cooking up a storm, for my working husband!

Hopefully since I've told you about thing, it will motivate me to actually post pictures and stories of our adventures!!!

I'm off for a prenatal Massage ( If anyone needs the name of a FANTASTIC massage Therapist in Dallas let me know!) Then, I might stop by Sprinkles and pick up some cupcakes for dessert tonight!:) And maybe an afternoon snack!

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