Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter 2012

I was looking through my posts from April, since you know, it's May now and I realized that I didn't do an Easter post.  Granted, nothing particularly excited happened or anything, but oh well. 

Dylan was much more into the Easter egg hunts this year.  He sadly had to miss the neighborhood one, because he decided running a 101 fever was more fun that weekend.  Luckily, that one was the week before.  He also had an egg hunt at school.  His teachers told me he didn't really get it at first, and he would just follow his friends around and watch them pick up eggs.  But with a little guidance, he figured it out and found his allotted 12 eggs.  The last egg hunt we did was at Adam's parents church.  let me just tell you it was amazing that we were able to get both boys up, dressed, fed, and ourselves looking decent to make it to church on the other side of town by 10.  Amazing I tell you.  I of course didn't get even ONE picture of Graham on his first Easter.  Talk about a mom fail big time.  I did get a picture of his basket though!:) 

Anyway, So we attended church, and then the egg hunt for the under 3 kids was right after.  Dylan showed very little interest in picking up the eggs that were in plain sight, but I'll tell you, once he saw one that was open and it had stickers in it, he was literally running around grabbing them and putting them into his basket.  I loved that many of his eggs didn't have candy.  They had stickers, or gummy snacks.  we are set on stickers for a while now, which is great, because Dylan loves to stick them to his head.

 One of these years, I plan on doing our own egg hunt in the yard, but it always seems we have somewhere else to be.  It is just a tradition that I want to start.  I don't remember too much about when I was little, but I do have proof with pictures that my sister and I would be dressed in our little Easter dresses outside in our front yard digging in monkey grass for eggs. Maybe when they are older and Adam and I can really hide them.:)

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