Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Say Cheese

As many of you know, Dylan was a little bit of a camera hog in his early days. By early I mean, up until a few months ago. If he saw a camera, he would smile. Not so much anymore. Now when he sees a camera, he says " I dee, I dee" and runs to me to show him the picture. This is ofter before I am even able to snap a picture. When I asked him to smile for me, these are the faces I get, followed by the hands over face.  I'll admit, he was being a bit more dramatic in these photo's than he usually is, but it's still funny. He loves when I take pictures of Graham, and sometimes even wants to be in said pictures. I guess it's just a sign of him getting older. Man, he is so old.
I really hope he grows out of this stage, because I love having pictures of him. At least I still have Graham for another couple of years.

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