Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joke is on us!

Lets set the scene shall we? Carson and Dylan, eating Popsicles on the trampoline. Decide they want to water the plants,{read as dirt} in the pots. I fill up the water can, 100 times. I finally tell Becca to just show Carson how to use the water hose. The first go around, Carson filled it up, then Dylan ran off with it. So then Carson just started spraying the yard. I wish that I had thought to get the video camera out. The giggles that were coming for those two boys were amazing. They were having such a great time, that even though Dylan was soaking, we just couldn't bring ourselves to stop them. Until, Carson beamed Dylan in the face and Dylan was not to pleased about it. Of course, because of his lack of body fat, Dylan was also turning purple.:)We can't wait to get these guys together in the summer, they are going to have a great time swimming and playing in the water.
When I told Adam about the water play, his response was, " Well at least they watered our grass!" I don't know about anyone else, but we are still on a strict twice a month water schedule!:)

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