Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Handy Helper

I suppose you can call it helping. Dylan loves to help. One of his new favorite phases is, " I do, I do." Brushing his teeth, vacuuming, taking something to the trash, tools, building things. He is a helper. He hands Graham toys all the time, tries to feed him, and holds his bottle for him. His helping really does slow down things though, but of course, we try to let him help as long as it is safe for him to do so. I hope that he keeps up his helping, and that he can actually be helpful as he gets older. I won't hold my breath though!
Adam and I bought Dylan a trampoline a couple of weeks ago. It is a "My first Trampoline" so it's relatively small. We set it up, upstairs on the landing for a week or two until the weather was going to be stable enough that we thought we could move it outside. We did that last weekend. We carried it down the stairs, and out the door. Then Dylan really got to help.
He saw that Adam had his tools, so he went inside and came back out with his tool set. It was so cute. He loves pliers, so he went to work " helping" put his "bounce" together.
Together, they put it together, then we spent the rest of the afternoon outside, playing on it. I'm so glad that Spring has sprung and we can spend the day outside!

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