Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Graham { 6 Months}

I can't believe he is already 6 months old. We had a great month this month. It was the month of a really established routine, learning new things, and a happy baby. Graham has really started to show his personality. He is our observer. He looks at something for a while before attacking it. When strangers smile at him or something, he gives them this " who are you" look. He is slowly coming out of his shell though. He is super ticklish, which is good, because as he gets older, that is how we will get him up of a bad mood, tickling. It works well for Dylan at least.

He really got into a great routine this month. He wakes at 7-7:30( we really need to work on getting this later) takes a nap from about 9-11, then another nap at about 2ish-4. Then bed about 7:30-8ish. He only strayed from this a few times, so we will take it. Luckily he is pretty adaptable when he has to sleep in the car, or chic fil a.

We were blessed with another content baby. Some mornings, Graham will just hang out in his crib playing for 30-40 minuets, before he starts to get really hungry and yells for us. He loves to play with his clothes, he has this one sleeper that has bugs on it. You can watch him stare at the bugs then try to grab them, it's pretty funny.

He still loves his bouncer, and spends a lot of time in it. I really need to get out the "car." Maybe this weekend. He still won't lay down on his back for more than 5 seconds, which has really caused diaper changes to be a huge struggle. I thought that I had at least another few months before I would have to start pinning him down with my feet. No such luck. I certainly get a workout in. Speaking of workouts, the kid is on the move. He is army crawling y'all. I mean, if he see's something across the room he wants, he will go get it. Erin is going to have her hands full at the end of May when she watched them both for a week.

I took him to his well check today, and the doctor was a little concerned ( maybe concerned isn't the correct word) about him dropping a little in the weight percentiles. He told me to start feeding him more solids, because he is already taking a great amount of formula. I then told him he is already getting two ounces, three times a day. Then he just looked at him and said, well, he is a mover, so I I guess he is just going to thin out as he moves more, which is fine. I have a long lean guy again. The nurse even called him skinny. I think he is a fatty compared to another little boy that lives in this house.

But this month has been a great one, and I am so excited for him to keep developing his little personality, and really grow up. Although it makes me sad to think this little guy is getting so big.

6 Month Stats:

28 inches- 90th percentile

16 lbs 3 oz- 15-20 th percentile (according to the online scale)

Tried all kinds of foods this month- Zucchini, Asparagus, Peas, green beans, sweet potato's, carrots, butternut squash. Luckily he loves them all.

Eating 4, 7 ounce bottles

Wearing 6-9 month footed sleepers, 3-6 month footless sleepers, 6 month onesies

Army crawling

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