Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Dylan's Mom.  Graham's Mom.  Adam's wife.  Those are all titles I carry these days.  Being a stay at home mom is  rewarding, but often times struggle.  Many women feel they lose their identity.  The yearn for adult interaction.  I am writing this to brag on all the people in my life that help me to not feel that way.  My husband, my in laws, my sister, my best friend.  I am not one of those women who is never able to do anything without my children.  I don't have to take them to get my nails done, a haircut, to lunch with a friend, or to dinner with my husband.  Someone is always willing to watch them.  For this I feel so grateful.  My husband literally jumps at the chance to me to get out of the house.  Happy hour?  " Yes, please go"  Soccer game, he'll be there . My In- Laws are the same way. If Adam and I want a date night?  They will gladly watch the boys so we can enjoy some alone adult time. They have cancelled a whole vacation trip( until further notice) so they can be there for babysitting in the next few months when we might need them most.  My sister will drive 2 hours to watch them for 2 hours. Or she will bravely watch them for 7 days while Adam and I enjoy a Hawaiian vacation. Becca, well she is too close, so it's easy to ask her to watch them. She even has two of her own and never turns me down.

Needless to say, I am so happy that Adam and I haven't had to put ourselves on the back burner.  Graham and Dylan are so lucky to have so many people in their lives that love them, and want to watch them.  I mean heck, their great Aunts were in town last weekend and they took Dylan for a spur of the moment sleep over just because they wanted to play with him.  Lucky I tell you, all of us.

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The Links said...

yes, you are very lucky. My parents are close and watch Pearson often. It is really nice. I'll be glad when I'm not nursing anymore so I can leave him with others easier!!!