Monday, February 13, 2012

He's a big boy now

No no, I wish this post was about Dylan being potty trained, but it isnt. I haven't crossed that bridge yet. He shows lots of interest in the potty, loves to flush, and even for several weeks, would say "doodoo" then go lay down and let me change him. That was short lived. Now it's back to pinning him down or chasing him around for a diaper change. But when I say he is a big boy, I am referring to school. The first several times, ok months, he would cry and cling to me when I left him. The day before Christmas break he finally did it. I said " do you want to go in a play?" " Otay" And he walked right in. I was amazed and sad at the same time. We were about to go on a 2 week break. He would probably regress in that time. So the first day back, I asked him if he wanted to go to school and play. He said," Otay" and walked right in. Now when we pull in the parking lot and he sees the play ground he yells " YEY" I love that he loves going to school now. His teachers adore him, and say they don't even have to pry his monkey out of his hands after nap time anymore, he will walk over and hand it to them. He must know that means I'll be there soon. So even though it took a semester, he finally is "Otay" with me leaving him now:) He will even wave "die" and blow me a kiss. I love picking him up too becuase he gets so excited. even though he only says "daddy" I think he loves his mommy too!

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