Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chef Dylan

Remember when I said Dylan could be a shoe salesman? Well I still think he could. He constantly brings us our shoes to put on, even if we are in Pj's. He insists. I think he might have found another calling as well. Being a Chef. One morning Adam was making breakfast and Dylan was basically climbing up his leg. Adam got out my step stool, and let Dylan help. I'll be honest, at first it made me incredibly nervous having him next to the stove, because he doesn't really get the " hot" concept. I guess I was wrong though, because he won't touch the stove. HE is like his Momma and loves to stir. He's dumped the salt on the floor a few times. But he loves to cook. He's made, Eggs, chicken tikka masala( He loves Indian food), pancakes, cupcakes, shrimp, and that's all I can think of right now, but I know there is more. Here is the kicker. The kid will EAT whatever he makes. Even the veggies. It's a genius plan we have. Oh, we're having Shrimp for dinner? " Hey Dylan do you want to help cook?" " YEEESSSS, I do" ( Have I mentioned yes is his new word. It's adorable.)

He also tried to say "cook" last night. It sounds more like he has something caught in his throat, but hey, he is trying and it at least has the C sound!:)

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The Links said...

Ha! That is hilarious that he'll eat whatever he cooks!!!