Thursday, February 9, 2012


First came friendship. Then came love. Then marriage. Then two baby boys in a baby carriage. Today, Adam and I celebrate our eleven year, yes you read that right, ELEVEN year dating anniversary. So much has happened in that time, it's hard to believe that two 16 year olds could have made it in this crazy world. Graduating high school, moving away to college, Adam taking a semester to study abroad in Germany, Graduating College, Moving to Pennsylvania, Getting Pregnant, moving back home to Texas, having said baby, Mom dieing, Adam finally getting a job, getting pregnant again, having this baby, Two under two. Two boys. The two lights of our life. Adam and I have beat almost every statistic.

Adam, ( when you get around to reading this)

I'm so lucky to have found you so early in life. I couldn't wish for a better husband or father to our two boys. They love you so much, and so do I. Thanks for putting up with us!:) I hope we have many more 11 year anniversaries!

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