Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I feel like I need to make a weekly post titles " Pinterest made me do it" I've tried several recipes from that website. Some duds, some great. My biggest inspiration from Pinterest has been to do some home improvements. hardwood floors. you see we have a formal dining room and living room. They don't really get used. Adam and I are hoping that with sprucing them up a little they can get some more usage. We moved furniture, thank goodness there wasn't a ton, into the entryway. The guys came to lay the floor on a Monday, but there was some uneven spots( they had to lay some stuff to make it level), so they had to come back on Tuesday, it wasn't dry, so they came back on Wednesday to knock it out. I am so happy with it. I love it. I don't love that it attracts dog hair and dust like a piece of tape. It will be better once I order some rugs. I really need to get on it. But it looks great and I'm happy we finally pulled the trigger.

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Lizy said...

I love the floors!!! Who did you end up using? We just got a quote this weekend that was way over budget- ha!