Friday, February 10, 2012

Graham { 4 Months }

I can hardly believe it. Graham is 1/3 of a year old. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Some day's I feel like he has been here FOREVER. Then others, I'm amazed he is already 4 months old. He is gaining such a personality these days. Right after he turned 3 months, he started sleeping through the night. I mean, we would put him down at 7:30-8, do a dream feed at 10:30, then he would wake up at 7am. Then the unthinkable happened. He started to try to roll over. Swaddled. This was a problem when he got himself wedged in the crib and couldn't fix the problem. We dropped the swaddle cold turkey that night. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it was going to be that first night. He cried for 20 min. before falling asleep. The next night, he went to sleep fine, but when he would wake up and slap himself in the face, well he wasn't asleep anymore. Quickly though he learned to roll onto his side, and he would sleep much better. Exactly a week after unswaddleing, he learned to roll from back to belly. Great milestone, terrible for sleeping. You see, he wasn't a big fan of tummy time. But not good enough of a roller to roll belly to back all the time. So he would roll over then get ticked he was on his belly and wake up. That took one night before he learned tummy sleeping wasn't such a bad thing. I am happy to report though, he has for the last two nights, been back to sleeping through ( with a dream feed of course.) So that basically sums up the major things that happened this month.

Some smaller things, we learned he likes the pacifier. I refuse to give it to him at night because I don't want to have to break that habit. But he seems fine with just having it in the car. He LOVES his bouncer, just like his big brother. "Boo" is the funniest word ever. He loves Dylan. I catch him just staring at him smiling. I can't wait for him to actually get to interact with him. He has recently gotten back to "talking" I think it took a side position while he learned to roll over. He is a drool factory. It's insane the amount of spit that comes out of this childs mouth.

He is on a pretty good schedule when we are at home. Which to be honest isn't a lot during the week with all the outings we take so Dylan won't drive me crazy. He adapts. He's getting much better at sleeping in his carseat, thank goodness.

I love that we can already tell, somewhat, what he will be like as a toddler. His face shape is really starting to come out, I can tell he is thinning out, hopefully not as much as Dylan, but his cheeks are as chubby. I think he will be more serious that Dylan, but who isn't really? He thinks everything is funny. Graham is harder to get to smile than Dylan was , but he is getting there. I've gotten some baby giggles, which are music to my ears. I am so lucky to have two, err three sweet boys in my life ( ok I guess four if you count Louie) I can't wait to see what this month with hold for us.

4 Month Stats:

Weight: 14 pounds 4 oz. ( The told me 40th, but I've seen other peoples blogs where I think it might be closer to the 20th)

Length: 26 and a quarter inches ( 90th percentile)

Size 2 diapers

3-6 Month sleepers and onesies

Eating 5 bottles a day - 3.5-6 oz's each. Your a little inconsistent. To much going on.

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