Friday, February 24, 2012

Boys will be boys

You might remember me mentioning my friend Becca moved into our neighborhood over the summer. Her boy, Carson and Dylan are the best of friends. They see each other almost everyday during the week and they play so well together. We always joke about their sizes. Dylan is tiny, and Carson is kind of a giant!:) So they make a perfect team.

Tuesday morning Becca dropped her boys off at my house so she could take a morning substitute job. Carson and Dylan were both fresh from a good night's sleep so they were wild. They left me alone so I didn't really care much. That's what is so great about them. They will come and check on their babies, but they can play by themselves for a while.

They are just so funny. Carson will mimic things that Dylan says, even though he can speak just fine, if Carson falls down, Dylan will. They will giggle and Laugh at each other. It's adorable. But one conversation from the other morning is what spurred this post. When Becca dropped them off, she told me that Carson had saved a muffin for Dylan. Dylan was sleep sleeping so Carson just played with some blocks until he woke up. I went to get Dylan and as we were coming down the stairs this is what Carson said:

C- " Dylan, we're playing at Lindsay's House"

D- "Yeah!"
C- " Dylan do you want a muffin?"

Me- " Carson, What?"

C- "Dylan do you want a muffin?"
D- "YEAH!"

Carson then hands Dylan one of the last two muffins.
C-" Muffins are my favorite snack"

Seriously, how adorable is that? What two year old do you know would share like that? Only a best buddy.

I'm pretty sure the second generation of brothers are going to be best buddies too.:)

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Mindi said...

So sweet :). All these boys are gonna be heartbreakers someday!