Thursday, March 8, 2012

Graham {5 Months}

Five months? That's almost 6 months, which is almost a year old. Where did my baby go? We've had a really great month this month. Graham is just such a happy baby. The biggest and best is that he decided that sleeping through the night is a pretty great idea. One night a few weeks ago, Adam stayed up late playing video games and was supposed to do his dream feed. Well the next morning Adam said to me " Did you have to get up?" I said no, why? Well he hadn't done his dream feed. We haven't done it since and he's only woken up like 2 times. Once at 9:30, so that was easy then this week he woke up at 4:15 and he just played for an hour so I finally went up there and fed him and he went back to sleep for like 3 hours!

This month, we also started some solid foods. We did a rice cereal for a couple of weeks, then we started with some veggies. So far, he has had, sweet potato's, green peas, and avocado. He likes them all. Will Graham be my non picky eater? We didn't even have a stink face with any of them.

He still is sleeping on his tummy( face planted into the bumper non the less), but he still hasn't figured out how to roll back over. He lays on his back for like .5 secs, but once he is on his belly, he just kinda hangs out. He doesn't roll back over. Silly boy, that's the easy way to roll.

He is a handsy little guy. I think I have been blessed with another fine motor skills baby. We don't have a whole lot of cooing, or babbling or anything, but my child could probably pick up a piece of lint with two fingers. A tinker-er. Just like his big bubba.

Speaking of big Bubba, Graham adores Dylan. Graham is usually already in his bouncer by the time Dylan gets up, so Dylan comes down stairs and runs to the bouncer and says " Hi, Little Bubba" Graham goes nuts in jumper. He gets a big grin and it just melts my heart. I know they won't always be this way, and to think so is stupid, but I'm savoring this time when they love each other than don't fight.

Graham is trying really hard to sit up I can't wait until he does, it will make things so much easier. Bath time is a little frustrating ( other than the pooping in the tub issue) because he tries so hard to sit, which turns into planking basically. He slides down to where his little face is almost under water. Every five seconds. Needless to say his baths are of the in, get clean and get out type. No playing for him just yet!

Five month Stats:
Weight- 15.5 ish pounds
Wearing size 2 diapers during the day and 3's at night
3-6 month clothes
Taking 4-5 4-7 oz bottles!
Sleeping from 7-30ish- 6_45-7:15ish.
Taking Naps in your crib now, you kind of have given up the swing.

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