Friday, September 10, 2010

Reality Teachings...

As my son sleeps, you would think I would be doing something productive like, cleaning, doing laundry, taking a shower, reading, organizing, but alas, I'm catching up on my Real Housewives. I watch pretty much all of them but the Atlanta one. So imagine my excitement when I saw that there is a Beverly Hills one coming!! In all seriousness though, I am learning from watching these. Two lessons have been learned.

1) DO NOT EVER PUT ANYTHING IN WRITING. These women, particularly the crazy Danielle from New Jersey, seems to put everything in writing, then back tracks and says" I didn't write that? If I did, I didn't understand what I was saying or answering. " My mom always told me never to put anything in writing that I didn't want someone to see, or call you out on. This show really proves that.

2) Take care of your self. These women for the most part are in their early 40's late 30's but look as though they are 60. I gave up on fake tanning a long time ago. Not only because of the whole skin cancer thing, but well because it's terribly aging on the skin. I like when I go places and still get carded ( with a baby on my hip I'll remind you) or when people guess that I'm like 18. I suppose that might be because I'm a little " vertically challenged" So with that, I started using a retinol cream on my face at night, to combat wrinkles. Since I don't wear makeup but once in a blue moon, I really need to make sure I do not look terrifying without my makeup on. You know, like those people who you see without it, and then now why they MUST go to the gym to workout with makeup on?

I feel like you can never start too soon to take care of yourself. I'm really trying to get into a routine of moisturizer and brow waxing, massages, manis, pedi's, because that is something my mom never did, and I want to make sure that I have some "ME" time. Adam has golf, I have Mani's and Pedi's!

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