Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nine is Fine

Nine months. Wow. This month was a fun one. It was our first time being home without Daddy for the whole month. Dylan and I have managed to get into a pretty good routine. Though he still hasn't figured out that Mommy would like to sleep a little later. I suppose if that's the only complaint I have, well then we're doing good. Dylan has gotten 100% better at army crawling, but hasn't mastered actually crawling. He practices every day though, but his pinkie sized arms, they just can't hold his weight up yet. We have also been practicing standing. Building muscles. I have some pretty funny videos' for you of some "toys" he found this month.

Call me a bad mom, but I refuse to buy him toys now, because well, I know when he is 2, there will be crap all over my house. So I'm keeping it MY house for now!

So this months stats:
16 lbs- off the curve... no obese child for me!
28 inches long

You are still a sleeping champ. You're even getting better about being out past your bedtime, which is nice for going out for dinner!! You take 2 naps a day, though for a few days there, I thought you had decided one was plenty. I'm glad that was just a stage. You can stay up without being cranky for about 3 hours.You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes though I did just have to buy you 6-9 sleepers because your feet were crammed. You are eating( not without a fight) 24 oz, via three 8oz bottles, and eating solids 3 times a day. You are exclusively in the high chair now when we go out. You love the mirror. There is a good looking baby that looks back at you!You are a ham, everyone loves you. Random people will stop us when we are shoping just to talk to you, and tell mommy how adorable you are. ( I even had one lady say..." Awww, you got a cute one... I've seen some really ugly babies lately!" haha... crazy old ladies!)You still army crawl, but are working really hard on crawling. You have a new tooth. It's up for debate which one it is. Aunt Erin and Daddy think it's a canine, I think it's the lateral incisor. We shall see. But no front top teeth yet. You love puffs and yogurt melts, and can feed them to yourself now. You love shoes, and feet, especially shoes with feet in them! You can stand up next to the couch and table now. You even tried to climb up on the couch, it was a big FAIL though. See...( it wasn't as bad as it looks here, I promise)

Dylan, you are still the light of our eyes. Your such a happy baby. Daddy looks forward to coming home just so he can see your happy little face. I'm pretty sure you laugh more when he gets your from your nap than you do all day. Playing favorites already I assume. I can't believe you are almost a year old, seems like just yesterday we brought you home. We love you Monkey.