Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well since I can't seem to sit down and write a good post , not that I have much interesting to write about, i thought that I would do a list.

1. I finally made myself a camera strap slip cover. It's not perfect, but it looks pretty cool.

2. Dylan is starting to pull up on the furniture, but has been a very needy baby the last few days. I think it's teeth, but hell, I ALWAYS think it's teeth

3. I got his clothes today that I ordered from old Navy, his sweater vest and sheriff shirt are too cute for words.

4. I'm just booked us a family photography session for the end of October. Our first professional pictures. I hope to make this an annual event! ( Dylan will be wearing sweater vest mentioned above)

5. I have been a reading fool. I finished one book last night ( book 10 of Sookie Stackhouse) and am starting a new one tonight

6.I am running in my FIRST even 5k race on the 25th. I don't think I'll be able to run the whole way. I have a mental block that says I can't do it, so I always stop and walk. I think it's because I think I can't do it, because I haven't ever done it!

7. I have already started thinking and planning Dylan's first birthday party.

8. Getting Dylan to eat is an everyday struggle that wears me down. Ever. Single. Meal.

9. I for once have already started buying Christmas presents. I am proud of myself, though I know I will have to buy last minuet things Christmas Eve.

10. I joined a 20 somethings mom's group. I have RSVP'd Yes, to two events next week. Hopefully I'll make some new mommy friends!

11. After 2 months, I finally went and introduced myself and Dylan to my new across the street neighbor.

12. I'm so excited about what I'm getting Dylan for his birthday, I want to order it now, but I know I can't because I'll give it to him early!

I think that is all the random things I can think of now.

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The Neaves' said...

good luck with the 5k! You can do it!

Can't wait to see the fam pics!