Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crunch Time

----------> Points to ticker...

18 DAYS? WHAT? It's been crunch time in the Fenner house the last few days. Finishing up shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, bathing stinky dogs, rearranging furniture for baby stuff, and well, doing the UNTHINKABLE, putting up a Christmas tree BEFORE Thanksgiving!!! And that was all just in the last 2 days!

Adam asked me the other day, " Do you feel like you job is almost over, or is it just about to begin?" It's hard to believe that in a little more than two weeks we will be meeting our baby boy. As we've gotten closer, I have fallen in love with Adam all over again. He's just so cute, he talks to my belly in a Darth Vador voice:) Dylan seems to like it because he wiggles around. I still wish that I KNEW what he was doing in there, if just feels so strange!! I can't wait to see Adam actually with an outside baby! It's going to melt my heart. I'm so lucky to have him, and well, if I almost cried watching him burb a baby doll in our baby care class, I'm in T-R-OUBLE!!

In other news, we're having a day of pampering tomorrow. We're getting massages in the morning, then we're going to go to a place with gourmet southern food for lunch, then we're seeing NEW MOON!!! I reread the book last week just to brush up on it, and well I have not heard anything bad about it yet, so I'm uber excited!!! We'll see if I switch teams to Jacob, I don't think I will but MAYBE... I actually looked up how old Taylor Laughtner was the other day... did you know he was born in 1992????? DAMN, We're getting old...:)

Just a side note: I always try to remember to spell check before I post, and I ALWAYS spell because wrong!!! lol... fast fingers always wrong!

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The Apiary said...

Sounds like you are busy nesting for Dylan's arrival. I know your mom is ready.