Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend activities!

We had a GREAT weekend. It actually started off on Friday because Adam didn't have class. We spent all day in the house, we didn't leave once. It rained all day so that made it even more perfect. We watched all of our DVR shows, and two movies. We did some cooking, and then went to bed to watch the shows we had recorded up there!:) Saturday we went out to Atlantic City with our friend David. I really enjoyed going with another person who was on the same level as me with gambling!:) Adam got to go and play poker ( which he won money doing ) so that's good, we actually had a GOOD day playing blackjack and didn't lose money!! When Adam was playing poker, David and I went into the horse racing room! I DO believe that is the BEST way to spend the day at a casino!!! We were betting $2 on each race, which ran about every 15 min, so in the mean time we were DRINKING!!! We came to the conclusion that the money we lost, we made up for in alcohol, so we were happy! We got back home around 3AM, and went to bed. I must have been so knocked out because I didn't even hear Adam get up to go make breakfast! Though I was delighted to go down stairs and find, homemade pancakes ( not Bisquick), bacon and eggs waiting to be eaten on the table!:) YUMMY! I have the best husband!
Monday, Janelle and Aubrey came over and we enjoyed some time of Aubrey scaring Bailey. She was crawling after her and climbing up on the couch to Chase her, it was sooo cute. We went to lunch, babies R Us, that store is dangerous, and to home goods. Here are some pictures from her playing with the dogs!

She took Bailey's ball, and well, she wasn't to sure about her after that!

You can't see it in this picture, but Bailey was laying on the couch, so Aubrey was going to get her!:)

Aubrey chewed on that bone in her hands more than either of the dogs ever have. Though last night, Bailey ONLY wanted to play with it! I guess it just need a little baby spit flavor!:)She was laughing at the dogs in the picture also!

Her mom had picked her up, because she was throwing things on the ground, but she was clapping at the dogs, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen!

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