Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Time!

One of the many perks of only working part time is that you still have time to do the things you want for example, Cook, clean, workout, and GO SEE "BABY"!!! Ok her name is Aubrey! One of my first temp jobs I had I filled in for a girl who went out on Maternity leave, well it happens that we have become pretty good friends and I went over to her house this morning for some babysitting, ( which didn't happen because her plans got changed, so we went to a long lunch instead) Aubrey is the BEST baby ever, she is the happiest little girl in the world. We went to lunch and she just sat there in the high chair, didn't scream or cry once... I gave her some of my lemonade, which was too cute for words! I can't wait for her birthday part in October, where she is turning the big ONE! I am glad that I got to spend the day with them, even though I'm exhausted now, and have to go to work tomorrow!

Adam's first day was yesterday which went well, he got the studio he wanted which is fantastic. Before he even knew what the studio was about he could look at the class schedule online, and we saw that there was a " trip " set for the end of September into the first week of October, the exact time I'm going home, which works out perfectly. Well we couldn't figure out where it was because his site for the project is just in Jersey City, so we were a little confused. He did find out yesterday during the studio presentations where it was for... and he gets to go to JAPAN!!! How cool is that. The " school" is providing $2000 for the trip, which is really just money he paid in the extremely high tuition costs that are UPENN, but oh well!!! Now I have to think about what I want him to bring me!

The other day the dogs found a little family under our deck, but they didn't wanna eat them which is surprising, but here are some pics!

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