Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another year begins

Well today was officailly Adam's last day of summer...EVER. With that we celebrated with a small BBQ of sorts. We had a few of the school friends ( the ones who were in town) over for an afternoon of hotdogs,beer, frisbee, and swimming. Though only Adam and one other guy were brave enough to hop into the pool that is COLD! See, with days only averaging about 84 degrees here the last few days, it doesn't do much for heating up the pool! OVer all I think everyone had a great time, and it was one last relaxing day before their last year of school kicks off.
I on the other hand start " work " tomorrow. I will be starting an eight week part time temporary position, working in an HR department of a tax software company. Sound fun huh?! Lol, it's basically going to be an event planning job, along with putting stamps on envelops! I will be assisting in the organizing of a company wide Health Fair, everything from booking the vendors, to having to food tables set up nicely. It should be fun. It will at least give me a little bit to do while Adam is back to work!!!


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