Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seven Years

I can't believe it's been seven years since September 11, 2001. I remember that day becuase Adam picked me up for school and it was all over the radio. Neither one of us knew what the Twin Towers were, but I remember him saying " Some buildings in NYC were hit by a plane." I remember it being on all the TV's in school, and how girls soccer was the ONLY after school sport that didn't get cancelled. I was lucky enough not to know anyone who was in NYC at the time. Though if something happened like that today, it is most likley, that Laura, my sister in law would be greatly affected. She works at the World Finacial building, which is just steps from where the twin towers once stood. Her building had all of it's windows blown out and was closed for a good part of a year for repairs. 2001 was about 3 years before she was ever in NYC, thank goodness. I went to NYC a few weeks ago and got to see the construction site at ground zero, though it is a slow process, they are surly making process. There is going to be seven building where there once only stood two. There is plans for a green " park" like space. It will be a remarkable space once it is finished. Here are a few pictures to give those who can't see it in real life, but there is something going on to remember all those who were lost that day. It will be interesting to tell our children about that day, seeing it's already in history books.

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