Thursday, August 21, 2008

About time...

Well I haven't been very up to date on this thing... Lets see, not a whole lot has happened, Adam and I went home on August 12 to spend some much needed time with our friends and family. WE did some shopping for my mom, and Adam FINALLY got to play a round of golf, even though it was almost rained out!!! We finally got to see little Carson Landino, he was the most adorable little baby boy I have ever seen:) And so well behaved at that. We did have to board the dogs for the 5 nights that we were gone and we were pleased to hear when we picked them up, that everyone loved having them there!!! Which is good, because we are going to New York City on Saturday for a few nights and they have to go back! Adam and I are meeting up with Laura, his sister, and his parents up there for a fun filled few days. We plan to go see a broadway show, In the Heights, or something like that, then we are doing a Sunday Brunch cruise around Manhatten,I will make sure to take lots of pics.
Adam and I have also been religiously watching the Olympics, savoring the last few weeks before Adam has to go back to class. I will try to keep things more updated!!! PIctures of NYC will follow next week hopefully!

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