Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bunch Ball

First practice
Ever since Adam and I started playing soccer again, Dylan has been asking to.  He was not old enough of course, but this year was the year.  He could have started in the Fall, but Adam and I had plans out of town that would put us missing his first game EVER.  I couldn't do that to him, or myself, so we held off until the Spring.  He knew as soon as he turned four that he got to play, so basically since December 2, he has been asking if it's time for his soccer games yet.  Mid February, we finally got to tell him "Yes." 

Fist pump
He was put on a team called the Smurfs, which worked out well because he loves the color blue and actually had asked to be on a blue team.  He also gets to be on a team with his friend Caden.  Double lucky.His first practice was held two days before the game, and well, it was a mess.  Kids weren't listening, or following instructions, we were late, because we couldn't find them, a mess.  Dylan and Caden still had a blast though, and were sad when it was over. 

Two days later it was game time.  I knew he was excited, but honestly, I figured that he was going to go out there and stand around and not know what to do. Much to my surprise, it was bunch ball like I figured it would be.  4 Vs 4.  Every kid for themselves.  All chase the ball, and hope that the right team kicks it into the correct goal.  Sidenote: Although I've played lots of soccer in my life, I didn't start playing until I was in the 4th grade, so bunch ball is a new and kinda hilarious thing for me. 

So proud of himself.  I was proud too!
Dylan and Caden did awesome, and Dylan even stole the ball away from Caden, to get is very first ( and currently only) goal of the season.  Seeing the joy on his face, really made the season.  He might not ever score again, but between Casey and I , we both have some GREAT pictures of the first goal of Dylan's, hopefully not short, soccer career.

We have really lucked out with the weather for this soccer season too, it's been at least 65 every day that we've had a game, while the day before or the day after might not have been so nice.  So fingers crossed it stays like that so that Tessa and I will be able to head out to some of his games here in the next few weeks.  

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