Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tessa {6 months }

Say it isn't so.  Half a year.  How can this be?  My baby girl is growing into such a big girl!  This month marked some good milestones for us.  Sleeping being pretty much the biggest.  Though she is still not continuously sleeping through the night ( come on child, get with the program) she is ALMOST there.  If she wakes we can for the most part run upstairs and give her a paci and she will go back to sleep.  Talk about creating a bad habit right? But it's better than having to feed her.

Feeding, oh the good times.  She started solids this month.  Like her brothers she has a strong dislike for rice cereal.  I tried it and she refused to eat it.  It took her a bit longer to get used to eating real food, but with some persistence, she is now a champ.  Some funny things she does while she eats are shake, the kiddo just sits there and shakes it so weird, she also does ankle circles, though this is kind of all the time, but I really notice it when she is eating.  Another huge break is that she had blood work done again a couple of weeks ago, and her numbers look great so her GI said I could put her back on normal people formula, so no more $750 a month for formula for her!  Hooray! Probably the biggest milestone this month is that she got a TOOTH.  WHAT?  She isn't old enough for a tooth.  She did get one earlier than both brothers but only by a few weeks.

She is such a happy little girl, and she is no doubt going to be a rough and tumble girl.  She loves to sit and watch her brothers fall down.  It's one of their favorite games, just fall down, but I think we've gotten the biggest belly laughs out of Tessa as she watches this.  So I'm sure as soon as she can fall down, she will think it's hilarious.  Speaking of falling down, she is this close to being a sitter.  Still no rolling, but sitting yes.  Her pediatrician said yesterday that girls usually are not as fast to move as boys, which is a good thing seeing as the boys were rolling around the floor by 4 months.  She is taking her time, and I'm good with that.

This girl has some long legs.  She is still easily in most of her 3 month clothes, but she is about to bust out of her 3-6 month sleepers.  She is in the 60% for length right now, and I'm positive that is because of her legs.  But hey, I bet it's nice to have long skinny legs as a girl, I of course wouldn't know! I'm buying her 6 month clothes for the winter, fingers crossed they work out!

She has no real nap schedule or real schedule for anything really.  Since school started, we are up and out pretty early in the morning, so her naps are usually in the car, and occasionally we are home long enough for her to have a nap in the swing.  She isn't a napper, but I'm ok with that for now because she doesn't get to bad when she is sleepy, nor does she demand that I play with her while she is awake... yet. She gives good smiles away, though it's hard for her to smile at strangers currently. Stranger Danger.  Graham had it.

Needless to say, she is one loved little girl, but everyone in this family, and her brothers can't wait until she can come outside and play soccer with her, or play "fighting" Oh brother! I can't handle her getting big.  I'm totally going to be a mess on her first birthday party.  Something about knowing all of these "firsts" are the last firsts.  But on the other hand, as they all get older, we will enter a new world of doing fun family vacations and not having any restrictions.

6 Month Stats:

14 pounds 10 oz. ( 20th%)
26.25 inches ( 60th %)
Eating 4, 6 to 7 OZ bottles
Sleeping 8ish to 6ish
1 tooth 
eating solid foods ( oatmeal, peas, bananas, peaches, pears, green beans)

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