Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tessa { 8 Months}

I'm running a bit behind.  Things have been crazy as you can imagine!  Tessa went and turned 8 months last week.  It makes me sad.  She will be one before we know it.  She will be walking, talking, playing, and have an attitude before we know it.  I'm excited to see what kind of a toddler she turns into.  I'm pretty sure she is going to be crazy like two other boys that live in this house.

This month was a pretty good one! Tessa is still sleeping through the night, and she figured out
rolling.  She can now roll from one side of the room to the next, she will get up on all fours, but she isn't anywhere close to actually crawling.  Thank Goodness.  She is still just a joy, and happy baby all around.

This month Tessa was also Baptized.  She did great, and even took a nap in Aunt Erin's arms during the service.  She only cried because we had to wake her up to take her to the front of the church.

She has also gotten to be a big girl.  She sat in her first shopping cart, she usually gets to sit in high chairs at restaurants now, and she sits in the stroller  like a big girl.  She also clocked lots of time in the baby backpack this month.  Halloween, the day after, and lots of days in between.  Lucky for me, she seems to like to snuggle, and we keep each other pretty warm in there.

She is really advancing with her eating of puffs, and she has even tried some other foods.  She has had mashed potatoes, chicken from lettuce wraps, some roll, and even a tiny crumb of cake at a birthday party.  I do enjoy just being able to sit her in the high chair and give her puffs to entertain her.  Most of them end up in her lap, but hey, she'll learn someday!

We go back to her GI next week to have her level's tested again, but I'm pretty confident that she is doing really well.  She is growing, and thriving.  She doesn't say much of anything, she is an observer like Graham, but she doesn't make much sound.  She is either silent, crying, or yelling.  I'm ok with that though to be honest.  If I learned anything with Dylan, it's that kiddo's all do things at their own pace, and eventually all catch up!:)

I'm looking forward to another month watching what Tessa learns and discovers. She is just such a fun age now, where she thinks I'm the most funny, awesome person she'll ever meet.  I need to cherish that, before she learns it's not true!

8 Month Stats

16.5-17 pounds ( my scientific measuring way)
6 month onesies
9month sleepers
sleeping 10-12 hours
4 bottles a day
1-2 meals and snacks

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