Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tessa {9 Months}

Can someone please explain to me, how exactly my baby girl is already nine months old? I'm not sure I understand how this has happened.  Wasn't she just born?  I vividly remember the drive to the hospital!

Anyway, since she is another month older, you get a new post!;)  She is just a joy, most of the time!  She is still just an easy going baby, and a happy one at that.  She is starting to get a little attitude, which worries me a bit!  She will cry when the boys take something away, or if they are playing with her, and leave, she realllly gets mad.  She also is obsessed with my phone.  Just holding it really, and chewing on it, but if I take it away, you got it, she throws a fit.  Other than those things, she is pretty easy going.  She still takes the majority of her naps in the car.  She has gotten really good at getting about ten, 15 minuet naps during the day!  Poor thing, she loves the days we are at home and she can take a nap in her crib, where they are usually 2-3 hours, unless of course she has to be woken up to go somewhere.  Third child problems.

We had a follow up with GI this month, everything was looking good.  Sadly, her numbers hadn't improved, or declined since the last time, so her Dr, didn't give her the "all clear" for liver disease, but she still is hopeful, that she will be just fine.  She is growing and thriving which they say is great, and a good sign.  Maybe I'm naive, but I'm not too concerned about it.

Tessa still isn't crawling, but she has truly become a master at sitting, rolling, and scooting backwards.  This month she also learned how to get herself out of the sitting position without face planting on the ground, and even a few times, got herself from her back, back into the sitting position.  I'm still ok with the fact she isn't crawling or pulling up, though I know it's coming soon.

After my post last month, where I say she wasn't saying anything, the next day she was in her high chair going " mamamama" so she made a liar out of me.  She still says mama, and occasionally we will get some bababa, dadada, and lots of yelling.  She is really good at yelling.  It's loud, and high pitched, and hurts my ears, but she thinks it's so funny.  Not much new on the eating front, other than she is a puff pro these days, we even advanced to yogurt melts,ritz crackers, the occasional piece of pizza crush, and even the crust of a grilled cheese sandwich.  She will still gag sometimes if something gets too far in the back of her mouth, but we are working on it!

This little girl still loves her tongue, it's always sticking out of her mouth.  She can blow raspberries, and slobbers everywhere.  It's adorable, and pretty much most of her pictures, it's hanging out of her mouth!  Such a silly girl!  I can't believe that 9 months with our sweet baby girl has gone by so quickly. She is a joy and her little smile and dimples can light up a room.  Oh and the cheeks aren't so bad either!

9 Month Stats

28 and 1/4 inches ( 80th %)
17 lbs 9 oz ( 25th %)
6 and 9 month onsies, 
9 month sleepers
eating 4-5 bottles a day
Sleeping through the night

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