Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tessa {10 Months}

Another month gone by.  I can hardly believe than in less than two months our baby girl will be ONE!

This was a big month for her.  Lots of new tricks.  First and foremost, she is now an official crawler.  She just got up one morning and decided she wanted to crawl.  It was almost as if she had been practicing privately or something.  She looked like she had been doing it for a while.  All she needed was the motivation of a little yellow practice golf ball!  The boys thought it was awesome when she started moving.  Within a few days though, they realized that meant she was going to be all up in their business taking toys, destroying puzzles, and banging on the Ipad!  I hear a lot of " No Tessie, and Noooooo Tess don't!"

Her other new trick this month is clapping!  I think clapping is one of the most adorable and precious things to see babies do.  It just melts my heart, and I'm so glad that she does it.  She doesn't do it on her own, but if I say " Tessa can you say YEY!! or Tessa clap your hands" she gets a huge smile and will do it!

This month was also Tessa first Christmas.  She slept through most of it of course.  Adam's parents do gifts on Christmas Eve after church and dinner, so she was pretty tired.  She slept through most of the gift opening, but did great at dinner.  I didn't get any pictures of her in her dress, but whatever. #thirdchildproblems

Another thing that I guess I could save until next month, but oh well.  She started SCHOOL!  On the day she turned 10 months, she went to school.  I'm sending her once a week so that I have one day to get stuff easily accomplished.  Luckily, she is still the most easy going baby, so even when she is with me, I can get stuff done, but it's nicer to just run into a store or whatever without having to lug her out.  Speaking of, she is still in her infant bucket seat, and I really need to change her into the convertible.  I'm just lazy, and it's nice to just get it out of the car and into the cart! Again, I'm lazy.

She has also eaten all kinds of new things this month.  Beside her beloved puffs and crackers, she has had chili, avocado, pita and hummus, and even some gyro from our local Greek food place.  We have not found one thing this child will not eat.  I know the time is coming, but for now, it seems that our darling daughter is going to be the one to eat us out of house and home, not her two brothers.  She would eat all day if we let her.

She is still a great sleeper, and I learned this month that she is just like her brothers in the fact that I will out her in her crib for bed and she will play for a while before going to sleep, and she will be awake for who know how long before she makes a peep in the morning for us to go get her.  She is still sleeping with the paci, but I figure I'll let her have it until after Australia and then it's a goner.

Speaking of Australia, she will soon have her own passport.  Yup, during the winter break, I took all three kids to the passport office and got their passports made.  Did you know kids don't have to have new passports for 5 years?  I mean, Tessa will not look a whole lot like a 10 month old in 5 years!:) Seems silly to me, but I'm glad I don't have to do it again for a long while!

This month's photo shoot was much more difficult than usual, but I can say, she managed to only fall off the chair once!;) It was another great month as a family of 5 and I honestly can't believe how quickly time is going by. I feel like she was just born.  What they say is true, the days seem long but the years are short.  I'm finding this out, and it makes me a bit sad.

10 Month Stats:

18ish lbs.
9 month sleepers still
6 and 9 month onsies still
3 or 4 bottles a day
at least 2 solid meals a day
plenty of snack

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