Monday, May 4, 2009

Wow... Just WOW

Wow have I been a bad blogger or what. It's been what, like a month? I guess that just lets everyone know that nothing good is going on over here in PA. So the things that have happened I'll put in bullets!
-We're still trying to sell the house, we are still getting a lot of traffic but no offers yet.
-Adam is done with school in 4 days!!!
-Graduates in two weeks, then who knows that will happen.
-Gradfest this last weekend, Adam took first place in the poker tourney, but School of Design didn't win.
-RAIN, RAIN and more Rain, that's all it does here!
-LARGE tree branch fell off of 50 + year old tree in our front yard, and missed crushing the garage by mere inches. That was fun!
- FINALLY found perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe yesterday... I've been looking for it!
- Met Bobby Flay at the mall!

I think that's it. hopefully I'll have more to update soon, once we sell the house, and well Adam is done with school FOREVER!!! Have a great week!


Murray Family said...

You met Bobby Flay! Did you challenge him to a show down with your chocolate chip cookies!!!!

The Fenner's said...

lol nope... I don't think they are up to his standards. He just signed a cookbook for us!!! he was at the williams sonoma at our mall!:)

Lacey said...

I'm going to need you to send my that cookie, pleeease :)