Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Close to home

This past Friday night we got hit HARD with storms here in Murphy TX.  You forget about how bad TX storms are when you live in PA for two years.  Yes, it storms there, but, the lightning and thunder, they just don't compare.  So as this storm was rolling through, Adam and I,well, we watched the lightening through the windows.  We were upstairs in the game room, when this crack of thunder and lightning hit about the same time.  You know what they always told you, you can judge how close lightening is by how soon you hear the thunder.  Well what about when it's at the same time?  Is it in your backyard?  Anywho, Adam was like " Holy Crap, that looked like it hit the pool, which is like half a block from our front door, I'll have you know.
So of course on this night of all nights, we had dinner plans, so as we were leaving, sure enough, fire trucks, ambulances, and police were swarming the pool area, but we saw nothing.  So we proceeded to float/ drive to the OTHER side of Plano for dinner.  Upon our return, a mere 3 hours later, the rain had stopped, but the damage had already been done.  
You see, as we pull up to our street, we see that the other side has been shut down by fire trucks, so being the rubbernecker that I am, ( Don't tell me you don't do it too, everyone does) I make Adam make the block so we can see what has happened.  Remember that lightening that " Hit the pool"?  Well it actually hit a house.  A house on OUR STREET.  Yes it was on the other side of the neighborhood, but probably only 20 houses down from us.  And it was gone.  The roof, all the windows, and it had taken a LONG time to put out that fire, and many of Murphy, and Wylies, fire fighters.  I truly felt so sad for the family that had just lost everything, even though I have no idea who they are.  But who would have though something like that would hit so close to home?

On a funny note, Adam and I immediately came home and checked our homeowners policy, to make sure that if anything were to happy to our house, it would be alright.  I have also been on the hunt for one of those stickers to say that there are animals in the house, and how many of what kind.  Because, firefighters would NEVER be able to find Bailey.  She is in our closet ( Huge walkin don't worry) in her crate, that is covered in a blanket.  

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

that is close to home! Poor family! Glad yall are ok!