Thursday, June 30, 2011

A day in the life...

Being a stay at home mom is different for everyone. Though it's probably not what you picture, unless you are in fact a stay at home mom. I don't get paid, unless you count kisses and hugs.Being a stay at home mom is very time consuming. I know right? I know you guys just thought that I sit around watching soap operas, making homemade goodies, and getting my hair done. Well lets face the facts. I wish. It actually involves chasing Dylan around in hopes of catching him so I can put his diaper on. It's our daily game. Once I get the diaper on, he takes off, then I have to catch him to put on his shirt, you get the idea, I have to do that about 14 times until we get him dressed to go "play." Which might actually be, the grocery store. I'm not above bribery people.

By the time his one nap a day rolls around, I'm pooped, speaking of, we had to play the above mentioned " game" 4 times yesterday. He pooped 4 times in about 2 hours. No more beans for him. Anyway, I'm pooped, therefore this blog has been abandoned. I am hoping the month of July will be better. No promises.

I thought that I would share with you what Dylan and I do, or don't actually do during a day. I'm going to use today for my model, though it's not always this fun.

8:15 AM- Dylan wakes up. I go get him and then give him a sippy of milk and a snack cup of cheerios while I get dressed.

9:00 AM- wrestle him into his car seat ( I made the mistake of letting him walk to the car himself, thus he thought he got to go out front to play) and head to Goodyear to replace ALL FOUR TIRES on my car. I was told that it would take an hour.

11:30 AM- After dropping several hundred dollars on tires, oil change and alignment we can leave. Please note how long we have been in Goodyear. NOT one hour:)

Noon: Dylan takes a nap, I go to mow the backyard. Yes, I'm pregnant. Yes, It's 900 degrees outside. Yes, it had been about 3 weeks, so it was like a jungle back there. Yes, that is my exercise for the day.

2:30 ( I hope)- Dylan wakes up, eats lunch, we head to the grocery store. Which once again, I've been putting off for a week!

After the grocery store, we might make the trip down to the pool. This 6 month pregnant lady needs to be weightless for a bit.

So there you have it folks, notice that there is no soap opera watching, or hair do-ing going on. I'll be lucky if I make it to the shower! Oh well, I wouldn't change it for anything.


The Links said...

Wow..... i can not believe that you mowed the yard. That is a "blue job" at our house. Matt does all the yardwork....I don't even offer to help!! Ha! I HATE yardwork. I'd rather scrub toilets anyday!!

Sweet Lil' Mama said...

Love it! I mow the lawn too, but your better than me, if I was pregnant I wouldn't mow the lawn I would make the hubby do it... really cuz i have a horrible back (from the twins) and it would take me days to recover! Your a pregnant rock star! Yeah anyone who thinks being a say at home mom is an easy, relaxing job full of soaps and bon-bons I dare them to spend one day in our shoes they would choose a 9-5 job anyday! lol