Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fun Weekend... late of course!

I have no excuse for the lack of quality, if you want to call them that, posts. I've been lazy. It's impossible to post while Dylan is awake, and I'm either catching up on chores or sleeping when he is asleep!

This past Memorial day weekend was probably the best we've had in a long while. We got so much accomplished. I think Daddy's should always have 3 day weekends. It's good for a Mom's soul!

Friday went a little something like this. I was going to take Dylan over to the Grandparents at like 2, but he decided he wanted to take a four hour nap. We didn't get over there until almost 5. I dropped him off and went to enjoy a manicure. I decided to get a gel manicure, you know, those that are supposed to last 2 weeks. Lets just say, mine came off on Monday! Then it was a dinner date for Adam and I's four year anniversary. We enjoyed a nice steak dinner at Bob's steak house. Side note: I have yet to find a steak I like as much as Bob's.

Saturday, we got up so that Adam and Colter could try to score some NBA playoff tickets. That didn't work, because I'm pretty sure the online purchasing program is rigged. After that failure, Adam was searching Craigslist for a non-shady person who was selling their tickets. That preoccupied him most of the day. Luckily, I didn't need his brain to be there when we went to purchase furniture for the new nursery. I really just needed him to sit in some chairs and tell me if they were comfy or not. Mission accomplished. We then continued our child-free day with lunch at the Purple Cow. Ya'll, they have fried pickle spears. No one but Burger Island has those! YUM.

We eventually made our way down to Northpark Mall to meet some guy to buy his Mav's tickets for game 5. (Luckily, there will BE a game 5.) After going all the way down there, we treated ourselves to pedicures. I love me a good pedi, as does Adam. After we had to go and pick up our lovely little boy! We met Grandma, Grandpa and Dylan at Pappadeux for dinner.

Sunday, we had another fun filled BBQ to attend. Becca was nice enough to invite us to her family's get together. Dylan had a blast getting to play with his friends Carson, and Ryder. He loved carrying the soccer ball around. He wasn't to fond of the water slide, I think because the water was so cold, because usually he is all over the water, and slides for that matter. Heck, he even got to play some volleyball, and make a new Mimi friend!:) We had a great weekend.

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