Monday, February 11, 2013

Real Life

Some people on blogs just show the good.  I guess it seems like I do as well.  But if I'm being honest, there are not many bad days here.  Thank goodness.  Most days, the worst is that Dylan won't eat, and Graham freaks out when I try to put him in the car seat. The boys generally are happy guys, who go with the flow.  Except this day.  Graham wanted, demanded really, a cookie.  Do you think he knew what a cooke was?  Nope, but I had eaten one, and he is  like a dog, he wants what you have no matter what it is.   This day, he was ticked off that I refused to give him a cookie.  I honestly can't remmember if I caved or not.  I probably did, becuase I mean, look at this face! Don't you feel so sorry for him?  I do, he has a tough life.

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