Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Training Wheels

The Christmas that Dylan had just turned two, he was gifted a Radio flyer tricycle for Christmas.  It took him a while to reach the pedals, but he soon could.  This last summer he really mastered it.  Then of course came the fighting this spring, because Graham wanted to ride as well. 

yup, he was in his slippers!
One night I was in the kitchen and I saw my neighbors also three year old riding a bike.  Like a real one, with training wheels of course, but a bike non the less.  I got to thinking that maybe Dylan was behind the curve so I started researching bikes.  They are pretty cheap.  Much cheaper than the tricycle that he and his brother were currently fighting over. 

One trip to Walmart, I took him with me, so that I could set him on it to make sure of size.  He was unsure of what to do, but I wasn't buying it right then so I wasn't too concerned. Probably a month later, Adam and I had the day to ourselves ( I can't remember why really) So we headed to Walmart to pick up the bike.

It was the following weekend that we gave it to Dylan.  He was super excited.  He rode it for about 5 min before he got frustrated that he wasn't good at pedaling( he was great at going backwards though, but you remember what pedaling backwards does for you on a kids bike?  Yup, brakes), and wanted his tricycle back.  Graham wanted to ride the big bike, but still couldn't quite reach the pedals. 

We haven't really revisited the bike lately, but since it's getting to be sooo hot out, it might be a while until we do.  I prefer to spend my outside time in the shade, or in the water.  Not in the driveway sweating.

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