Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finally Finished

LOVE the fabric
You might remember, some time ago... like 4 months, I mentioned were  doing some house projects.  We finally got them all done.  Wall painted, though the wrong color, whoops.  We are still trying to get everything situated.  It is my mission in life to make my house more functional. Between having lots of space that is usually unused, hello formal dining and living room, to rooms that just have lots of crap in them, example, playroom and pantry.
I obviously need to work on my bookcase styling!
Bench seat and bookcase
So we decided that the formal living room needed some help.  We still don't do anything in there, other than occasionally look out the window at the trash man or lawn mower man, but hopefully one day it will become something other than a stroller holder room! 

So about the paint, I painted about six swatches on the wall, we had a favorite.  I bought the wrong one.  Painter had it almost done before I actually looked at it.  It's lighter than we wanted, and looks kinda baby blue.  Eventually we will probably repaint the correct color, but for now, it's fine. 

I've got some rearranging and giving away of stuff upstairs, so that room will hopefully be done soon, like 100% done, maybe next week?  Who knows!  Enjoy!

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Lizy said...

Love the bench cushion and pillows! Where did you have them made? We have to get a bench cushion done as well!