Friday, March 22, 2013

Up to our ears

Right before we left for Australia, we got an itch to do some house projects.  Mostly things that would make some of our rooms more functional.  We have a formal living and dining room, which get used maybe twice a year.  The Christmas tree resides in the formal living room during the holidays, and other than that, it's not ever used.  The landing in the upstairs is also a no man's land.  It's toy overflow, even though the playroom is right off of it.  Eventually it will be where a pool table, or fuzeball table or something goes.  We don't need to put a TV, because the media room is also right off of it.  So we were trying to think of ways to make it more  functional, and look like it was a finished room.  In comes pinterest, and Ikea.  The weekend before we left for Australia, we made a trip to Ikea where we purchased several bookcases, with plans to make them look like built ins.  A month later, we have no only added to our list of projects, but we have yet to finish the ones we started:/  We have purchased a swing set/play set, that I was lucky enough to talk Adam out of putting together himself, I have ordered and started to update the boys picture wall(The last picture of Dylan was one when he turned one, and Graham was 3 months in his last one). We have also started picking out a wall color, which if you know us, is a LONG process.  Just like the picking out

of fabric for pillow's and bench seat on the landing.  We are hoping that we get a good amount done this weekend, with at least one of them.  The pillow's are being worked on by a friend now, so hopefully we will be able to get these crossed off the list.  I hate having Dylan and Adam's tools laying around the house all the time!:)

Needless to say, we are up to our ears in projects.

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Sweet Lil' Mama said...

Pillows are done! ;-) Can't wait to see the whole project!