Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's go fly a kite....

For a while now, Adam and I had been saying " We should get Dylan a kite, I bet he would love that!" So finally when I saw a stack of HUGE ones at Costco for like $12, I let him pick one out.  I think we lucked out that he didn't pick the princess one, since he loves princesses and all, but he picked a dragon doesn't get much more boy than that.  Sure enough, he was super excited to go fly it, but we had to wait until the weather was nice.  Lucky for him, that was only a few days.

The weekends, besides this last one, have been pretty nice since we got home.  So we loaded up and headed to the neighborhood park before my soccer game.  We were going to go to the "big park" but they have no trees and it would have been WAY to windy.  Our park was perfect.

He loved flying the kite by himself, though didn't understand that you couldn't fly it while swinging, so it was a struggle for him to decide.  He chose the swing, with the promise that we could fly the kite once more before heading home.

Overall, it was $12 well spent.  It's a nice and BIG kite, and it seems pretty durable.  So if you have a tiny tot, boy or girl, I recommend getting them a kite, though I'll be honest, it's pretty boring to fly a kite.  They don't do anything!

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Awwww, I love the picture of Graham and Adam!!