Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tasmania- The Museum

Our next destination was Tasmania.  Hobart to be precise.  This was probably my favorite place we went, lots of history, good food, and well it was just a perfect little place.  Laura did a great job of picking our hotel.  We were within a block of lots of great restaurants, and little shops, and the famous Saturday market.

The handicap parking at the museum
We obviously had to fly to get there, and what I loved so much was the lack of restrictions on Australian airlines.  You don't have to take your shoes off, you can carry liquid on, we carried a bottle of wine on board on the way back, you don't have to take coats or anything off.  It was so simple. Though they do random bomb screenings and Adam was lucky enough to get picked. 
Car made of fat
The first activity we did in Hobart was visit the MONA museum.  It is the Museum of Old and New Art.  It was cool.  It also had a winery ( Tasmania is known for their Pinot Noir) and a Brewery.  We were all a little worn out after walking the 3 story museum, and we were hungry so there wasn't a ton of drinking to be had. 

The museum had lots of great views, and well, most of the pictures from this outing were taken by Adam, so you can see things from his perspective!

One other thing we did while in Tasmania, which I have no pictures of, so I'll mention now is visit the Cadbury Factory.  I had no idea that Cadbury was based there, but it was cool.  We learned about how they make their candy, then visited the little on site store and bought some goodies for the boys, and well for us as well!

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