Friday, March 15, 2013

The Hunter

View from our apartment window
Our next stop was a two hour drive from Sydney.  The Hunter Valley.  Wine Region.  Could it be bad?  We were there for four days, drank lots of wine, ate lots of good food, went to the spa, Adam played a round of golf, and we drank lots of wine.  That was the theme, obviously.

This was my first time doing a true wine tasting.  I've never been to Napa, though it is very high on our list of places to go.  It was interesting, and I quickly learned that I couldn't in fact drink all of every wine they gave me, even if it was pretty good.  The tricky part about going to winery's when you are our of the country is, that there is a limit to what you can bring back, without paying for them of course.  Going into Australia, you couldn't bring back more than 2.5 bottles, without paying taxes. So we assumed that it would be the same for going into the US.  Several years ago, after our European vacation, I remembered that each person could bring I think it was 3 bottles back.  So I assumed we were good.  After looking into it, apparently, you can only legally bring in 1 liter of alcohol into the US without being charged.  Any who, back to the story.

This was such a funny winery
The second winery we went to, we HAD to buy a bottle.  It was so good.  In fact, Laura and Andrew ended up going back the last day and buying a case of that particular one!  It was that good.  After that first bottle, things just got rolling.  We worried about how much to buy and where, knowing that there was also wine in Tasmania, which of course we could buy as well.  So we didn't want to go overboard in Hunter.  We visited several places, some good, some bad.  Some with bad salesman, which I don't buy from. But overall, I think we left the Hunter Valley with 5 or 6 bottles of wine.  Way more than they say you can bring back free of charge.  We were willing to take the risk.  We mostly bought wines that you can only get at Cellar Doors.  Meaning, they don't sell them to "bottle shops" as they call them there, and they certainly don't export them to the US.  We were very happy with our purchases, though I needed a few days of not drinking wine.:)

Stay Tuned for Tasmania.  We did cool things there guys!:)

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