Saturday, March 9, 2013


After a 19 hour flight, we finally made it to Australia.  We were spoiled and had amazing seats on the plane, so we were able to get some sleep so we were ready to hit the ground running when we met up with Laura and Andrew.  By hit the ground running I mean, I didn't need to pass out immediately.  There certainly were naps had for about the first week.  Sadly that's how long it took me to adjust to being on their time.

Acting manly on Manly beach!
The first four days of our visit were spent in Sydney, where Laura, Adam's sister lives.  Andrew her boyfriend had to work, so she was in charge of showing us the city.  We walked around, drove around, and ate at some yummy places. She of course took us to all the must sees.  The Bridge, and the opera house.  Side story, when she first moved to Australia, she worked for a catering company out of the Opera house.  Pretty cool huh?

Nothing but water, it's pretty amazing
We went to a few pretty popular beaches, one of which we needed to ride a ferry to.  That was pretty fun and relaxing.  Of course I don't get sea sick or anything, so it was nice to look out the windows, snap some pictures, and enjoy it. We went to Manly beach.  We did a walk around the water, ate and then sat and did some peope watching.  People watching is just as good, if not better in another country!

For Valentines day, her and Andrew treated us to an Aussie barbecue.  Which is just grilling.  It is summer there and they have an awesome porch, so we were able to eat grilled lamb and sausages on the porch and enjoy a great bottle of wine.

Birthday dinner cocktails
For my birthday, we had reservations at one of the top restaurants in the city.  Rock Pool.  The chef there is actually the chef who created the menu on the plane ride over.  We joked with Laura, that we weren't sure it could get better.  Oh but we were wrong.  Before heading to dinner though, we headed to a bar that was in the top of a hotel.  If it hadn't have been cloudy and rain in the distance, the views would have been better, but it was still nice.  It's a little strange doing things that people our age without kids do.  Like going to a bar for a few cocktails before heading to dinner.  Well at least on Tv they do that.

That sums up our day's in Sydney, we returned for a night after Hunter where Adam and I went to see a show in the Opera House.  It was La Soiree, really cute circus like show.  We had a great time! 
The day after my birthday, we packed up and headed to wine country in the Hunter Valley. Stay tuned for that!

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Casey said...

Great picture of y'all pre-dinner. Looks gorgeous! Glad y'all got there safe, sound and uneventfully so to speak.