Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tessa {12 Months}

You got it, she went and did it again.  Another month, and probably the last month birthday update!
 ( except she is now 13 months old... I'm a little behind! my Little, tiny, baby girl is a whole year old.  It seems like she has been here longer than that, but some days it seems like she just got here.

This month, she really started turning into her own person. She has opinions, many, and likes and dislikes.  She continues to be a happy baby, though we are getting to the point where it is hard to give her exactly what she wants because we don't understand her!:)

This month she gained 3 teeth.  Her other eye tooth, and a big front one, and a lower.  Needless to say, there were a few days where she didn't want to eat much of anything, and was a bit of a well, she complained about everything.  She is still not walking, but loves to walk with her dinosaur and with holding onto our hands.  She can stand unassisted for a pretty good amount of time too, so I know walking won't be far behind.  Though she does seem to have inherited the lazy gene that her biggest brother also got, so who knows.  I'm still borderline on whether I want her to be walking in time for Australia or not.  Chances are she will be ( even Dylan was walking by that time) but it might also be nice if she was still crawling.

I don't really feel like we did a lot this month, or that she did.  We dropped her formula intake, and have taken bottles away.  She drank milk one time a few weeks before her birthday so I didn't think that giving her milk was going to be an issue.  Well, call me a liar.  The child refuses milk.  I can give her a bottle on 1 oz formula, and 7 oz of milk and she will drink it no problem.  If I give her 8 oz of milk, no way.  So she is just drinking water.  I don't want to buy new formula for so little.  She eats plenty of dairy products so I'm sure she is getting all she needs. Speaking of eating.  Man, does she know how to eat.  She eats more than her brothers. A Chick Fil a meal, no problem. I have actually started getting her, her own food, because she eats more than the boys are willing to share.  But somehow, she seems to have also been blessed with her Daddy's " I eat all the time and don't really gain any weight gene"  I wish my parents had given that to me!  

This month, she witnessed her first snow as well, I guess it was 3 snows.  The first time was pretty weak, and I was out of town for the second,  and the third was a great one!:)  I took her outside for pictures and put her in her bath seat, I know, it was the best I could think off.  We were outside for about 2 min, and she ripped her hat of, so no judging me based on the pictures.  I just had to get some pictures though!

So now that she is 13 months old I'll add in what happened from 12-13 months.  She was sick.  I feel like the whole month.  She got her first snotty nose about half way through the month.  She wasn't a fan of the snot sucker, but she quickly learned that if she would just chill out, I would be done before she knew it!:)

She has also gotten an opinion about where she is, what she eats, and what she is doing.  She is like the boys in that she is currently not a huge fan of veggies, but of carbs instead.  She is still gagging on milk, it's actually hilarious, and pretty sad at the same time.  She refuses to drink it, so we have been giving her lots of peanut butter and cheese and the like to make up for the calcium/fat she isn't getting from milk.

Her hair is officially in her eyes, so she often can be found sporting the " BamBam" ponytail.  Or pigtails, but I have to make her sit longer for those, so it doesn't happen too often! She is getting closer and closer to taking those first steps, I think she did two baby ones today, but it's hard to tell.

She is a silly girl, and LOVES to be outside crawling around, and she loves to make her brothers do all kinds of silly things to make her laugh.  They are her puppets! I can't wait to see her little personality come out even more as she gets older, though I'm not too excited about the drama mama tantrums that are coming!

 12 Month Stats:

18 lbs 6 oz
29 and 3/4 inches
Wearing 12 month clothes
sleeping 12 hours
making lots of sounds, no specific words yet, other than mama, and dada, but not to us
7 Teeth
No bottles.

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