Monday, September 28, 2015

Tessa {18 Months}

Long time no see!

I thought I would do a little update on the little Miss in our house to start off some more updates that I hope will be coming in a timely manner!

First off, she is ONE AND A HALF.  She is so full of personality, and spunk, and energy, and man, she is not always a nice person to be around if I'm being honest.  She gets in these moods where nothing, and I mean nothing, can please her.  She is lucky she is cute most of the time!

She hasn't really been up to much since she turned one.  She learned to walk, and took her first steps while we were in Australia.  She took her first 17 hour plane ride TO Australia.  She has gotten a few words here and there, but she is certainly not talking in sentences.  I like to tell people, she is miles ahead of where Dylan was, but probably behind Graham.

on our way home from OZ
Speaking of her brothers.  They just love her, and I think the feeling is pretty mutual.  They love waking her up in the morning, and she loves when they come into her room, and they play a game of " throw it out of the crib."  I like it to because it gives me a good chunk of time where I can get my contacts in and wake up.

She is enjoying school now, she doesn't even cry at drop off, and they say she has such a great time playing with all the kids now.  Though she is still pretty reserved when around strangers, I'm hoping that she gets out of that soon.  She is not a "people person" for sure.

Some of her favorite activities are swinging, climbing up and going down the slide, pushing our little blue ikea chairs all around the house, eating, and taking a bath.  She throws some of her biggest fits when I take her out of the bath tub:)

Eating, well, she likes to eat a lot, but she doesn't have a lot of things she will eat.  She still will not drink any milk.  Her diet consists of waffles, chicken nuggets, pancakes, eggs, cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and sometimes fruit.  She gets most of her fruit and veggies in the form of pouches, or smoothies ( I sure can load a lot of fresh spinach into those smoothies without her knowing!)

At her 18 month appointment, we actually had a bit of a health scare , again, for other reason's she had a urine test done at her well check, where they found sugar and ketones in her urine.  After a finger prick resulting in a blood sugar of 266, we were immediately sent to the ER at Childrens.  After 3 normal blood sugar reading there, and a normal test to check for Type
1 Diabetes, we were sent home.  We still have no answers as to WHY her sugars were so high, seeing as I can't seem to get into see an Endo until February or March.  I'm still working on it!:)  So, if her genetic Liver disease isn't enough, there is a possibility, her pancreas it also faulty.

She sure is growing into her own little girl, and I'm excited to see who she grows up to be.  She already has a love of my jewlery, and of shoes, but also enjoys playing with Power Rangers, and Spiderman toys, so I'm thinking she will be a great mix of princess and tom boy!:)

1st Day of school Aug. 24, 2015
18 Month Stats: 
22 pounds 3 oz
32 inches long
18 month PJ's, Shirts, and 12 month Rompers, and shorts
Great sleeper
Mediocre eater
Words that she says on a regular basis: Mama, Dada, Daddy, Bubba, Ball, Dog, Dink, Up, More, Uh Oh( i'm forgetting some)
She knows all her face parts but eyes.  

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