Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He's still a boy!!!

Yup, that's right, our baby boy, Dylan Kyle didn't change into a girl in the last four weeks!!! We went for our 20 week checkup yesterday, and everything is looking perfect!!! Dr. said, I have a boring baby. Nothing to worry about and that everything was looking great. He was a little feisty during the sono, and Adam was amazed that I couldn't feel him kicking me! Soon enough I told him!!
I finally ordered his bedding so it should be here soon and we can start working on his room! Which already has a few items of clothes we bought a few weeks ago in the closet. They are sooo cute. Whoever said shopping for little boys wasn't any fun, needs to actually have a little boy to shop for... because I'm pretty sure we'll go broke!

On another note... Tonight is the first night we will be staying in Murphy! That's right, we got our stuff yesterday, and have been diligently working to get boxes unpacked. Who knew you could accumulate so much stuff in 2 years. Well, I guess for Adam and I it's really been like 5 years of combining household items, but you know. We went to Sam's this afternoon to get some stuff, man do I love that store:) He's at the grocery store right now getting hot dog buns, and propane. What better a way to spend the first night in your new house than with hot dogs, Dancing with the stars, a Jacuzzi Bath, and you hubby? I don't think there IS a better way!!!

We leave for Park City on Saturday morning, so hopefully I'll get some good pictures to post on here!!


Lacey said...

Lindsey, that beddin ghas bows...where is Adam, has he seen this :)

Also, it's funny, I keep telling people that my friend got a five-bedroom house and I got a 500 square foot life is crazy :)

I'm so happy that all is well with the David Beckham in training!!

The Fenner's said...

they ALL have bows, and I don't have to tie them into bows!!! lol...