Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Buy, Buy Baby...

Yup, that seems like all Adam and I have been doing in the last week. Spending money, and it sure is exhausting!!! Luckily, we had some GREAT fourth of July sales to go to! Lets see, first and foremost, we bought a house! Then to go in the house, we bought, a fridge, washer,dryer, chairs for our formal living room and sofa. We still need to buy a dining room table and possible china hutch. I'll tell you though, I'm super stoked about our washer/ dryer. They are top of the line Kenmore front loaders. Both have steam cycles, and I can't WAIT to use them... Sears had an AMAZING sale on them as a bundle deal, and they are even blue!!! Can't wait.

The last big purchase we made was this weekend and we bought our nursery furniture... I hate spending so much money, and having to wait for 3 months to get what you bought!!! But here is what baby Dylan will be sleeping in, until further notice! We bought the crib, and the 6 drawer dresser!

And for Mommy and Daddy, for the late nights we bought the Dutailier Cadenza glider, in red micro Suede. I couldn't find a picture of it in the suede, but I did in leather, and it also has a matching ottoman. It is awesome. It can be a glider, or a stationary chair,recliner, and it will still rock when it is in the reclining position AMAZING! . I'm going to be one happy mommy:)

Next up on my list is ordering his bedding. I've picked it out, just haven't ordered it yet! I wanna go ahead and get it, so we can paint his room!!! YEY!! So maybe next time I'll post that!

We are heading to PA to get our things loaded onto a moving van, then coming back here, then heading to Park City Utah, for a week. I fully plan on days at the spa which include, massages, facials, manicures and pedicures... Since most of the time Adam and his family will be doing things I can't as a pregnant lady:( But I think a spa week sounds GREAT, and I bet I'm not the only one!

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